Textures: How to add/change them

Hello all! Today I an going to teach you how to add textures in Blender. To start, you will need a model. We’ll use the basic cube. We need to make a UV Map. Click ‘TAB’ to get into edit mode. We need to mark seams. Go to edge select mode and select all the edges on the model. Now in your toolbox sidebar (T-key), click the ‘Mark Seams’ button.

Now click ‘U’ and click Unwrap. You may notice that there is a Smart UV Project. That button is great for more complicated meshes. Right now, we can just use the basic Unwrap button. You’ll need to have the UV/Image editor window open to see you UV. See those little lines in the corner? Pull those out to the left to open a new window. In the bottom toolbar at the left, there is a little icon that has a cube in it. Click it an change it to UV/Image Editor. If you have your mesh selected in the 3D window, you’ll see your UV map. Go to face-select mode and select each face and re-arrange them on the UV map. Now, click the UVs menu (at the bottom) and click Export UV Layout.

Once you save the image, you can open it up in an image editing program such as GIMP, Paint.NET, or Photoshop. I have drawn a texture for our cube. To apply it, go to the properties window (the one with all the settings and buttons in it) and click the Materials tab. If there’s not one already there, add one. Then zoom over to the Textures tab and add one. Set the texture type from ‘Clouds’ to ‘Image or Movie’. Open your image. Now you’ll see a little place lower-down in the window that says Mapping. Click the dropdown list and select UV instead of Generated. Hit F12 to preview your render. There you have it! A textured cube!



7 thoughts on “Textures: How to add/change them

  1. Nice!! Hey Rio i was wondering how to make custom minifig textures like you did for Hollis when he was doing minifig renders.

  2. Ok thanks. Do you have any free drawing tools i could download or use to make them look more like actuall lego texture?

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