How to Render Movies in Blender

Hey! I have got a lot of requests about how to render a movie in Blender. Well, I’ll tell you how. First, I will start off in Blender 2.49b. This is quite easy, since Blender was using Quicktime back then…

Blender 2.49b

First off, we’ll go over to the Scene tab in the buttons window. (F10) You will need to change some settings here.

1. Change the render directory. You’ll need to change that. You can keep it under C:\tmp, but you may want to make a sub-folder under that.

2. Render Size. If you have already setup your camera and everything to use a 4:3 aspect ratio, you may want to leave this alone. but for better renders, change it to 1920 x 1080.

QUICK TIP: Play your animation (ALT+A) from the camera’s perspective to make sure everything is right. Since we made the video Widescreen, some things may ge chopped off.

3. Set the render type to PNG format. This will make it easier to add audio later if you like using the Blender Sequence Editor. If you would just like to render a video, skip down to step 6. Now click the ‘ANIM’ button to render your video.

4. After the render is all done, switch your GUI to the Sequence Editor. Then create a new Scene. This is an essential step.

5. After that, press ADD>;Images under the Video Sequence Editor sub-window and insert all of your pictures you just rendered.

6. Now go down to the render settings and select Quicktime from the codec list. Configure your settings and render.

Now you are all set for watching your movie that you made in Blender 2.49b!

Blender 2.6

Rendering in Blender 2.6 isn’t far from rendering in 2.49b. It’s just a little interface difference and codec difference. As I said earlier, Blender 2.6 removed Quicktime from their source. So we cannot render in Quicktime. That makes it a little harder to render, but after long tests, I figured it out…

1.Go to your render settings. Again, set your resolution to 1920×1080 and make sure the scale slider it set to 100%. Set the codec to PNG and render.

2. Go to the Video Editing GUI. Now make a new Scene.

3. Import your images. ADD>;Image on the Video Sequence Editor mini-window.

4. Back in the Properties window, select H.264 from the list of Codecs. Under the ‘Encoding’ header, select H.264 under the Format menu. Set your Bitrate to 14000 and the max rate to 14000. NOTE: If you have a less-powerful computer, set this to a lower bitrate.

5. Under the Audio Codec header, select MP3. Set your Bitrate to 320. Now you have the right codec for rendering. NOTE: If the final video will not play in Windows Media Player, you may have to use VLC Media Player. If you are using Windows 7, the video should play in Windows Media Player.

Enjoy your video! Also, check out this tutorial on how to calculate the time it takes to render in Blender:



3 thoughts on “How to Render Movies in Blender

  1. Thanks for the tutorial Rio this is great for i am thinking about making my own movie. After this tutorial making a movie seems easier then making a game in blender.

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