Retopo is the greatest Vertex Weight Loss program ever!


Stopsecret Design

So I did my first full ‘retopo’ (re-topology) tonight and it is awesome! What is retopo? From what I understand, it is a method that allows you to model a low-poly mesh over a high-poly mesh. Why is this important? Well, it’s good for reducing poly count, are you one of those people who could care less if you scene was bumped up to 3 million polys? If you are, go read something else! 🙂 If you are a game designer though, or a frame rate conservative, stick around!

So, for this lesson our subject will be Alfred: Alfred is a fish made on Sculptris. See photo below to find out how a retopo diet changed albert’s weight from 10,682 vertices to just 222! Yes folks, that’s a difference of over 10, 000 vertices! Interested yet? Read on!










So here’s how…

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