Easy Planets

Hey all! Today I will share a bit on how to create an easy planet in Blender. Here we go. We’ll start off by downloading a few planet textures. Here is a good place to start:


Get the textures you want and open Blender. Add a UV Sphere and scale it up a bit. I am going to make Jupiter to start with but I have arranged for multiple planets.

Rotate your sphere 90 degrees to the X axis so your camera isn’t facing the top of the planets. Make a material and add the texture. If you like rings around your planet (such as Saturn), just Add>Circle. Scale it up so it’s bigger than the planet. Visit Edit Mode and click ‘F’ for add Face and ‘W’ and ‘Insert Faces’. Now scale down the inner face so it is just bigger than the planet. Delete that face and Extrude the entire thing a tiny little bit on the Z axis so it is a little bit 3D.

Color the ring orange so it goes with Saturn’s color. Now for the stars. You can either download Nasa’s Star texture or generate stars in Blender (or do BOTH)! For the star texture, just added the image to a plane and color it ‘Shadeless’ (Properties Window>Material>Shading). You’ll have to make the image square so it fits on a square plane without stretching. On all the planets’ textures, go back to the Texture tab in Properties and at the bottom under the Influence header and Geometry mini-header, check the top box that says Normal. It will create a bump map of th planet if you want added realism. 😀

QUICK PAINT TIP: Open Paint>Ctrl+E>Type in the dimensions. Example: If you image is 720 x 360, change the 360 to 720.

If you want to add Blender stars, go to World>Stars. There, you can change the settings on stars. If you are in Camera view (Numpad 0) you can see the stars.

Here’s what we did! (BTW, I used Blender stars instead of the picture).

After a bit of compositing effects, here’s the FINAL RESULT! 🙂




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