All About Orthographic

Howdy Folks! Today I am going to be teaching you about the Orthographic camera and views.

Orthographic Editing

If you are in 3D view, orthographic is a great idea. It is very helpful when modeling. When using background images in Blender, you’ll need to be in orthographic mode. To activate orthographic mode in 3D view, press Numpad 5.

The Numpad is also helpful for switching views. You can press Numpad 1 to see front view, Numpad 3 for side view and Numpad 7 for top view. If you press CTRL and Numpad 1, 3, or 7, you can view the opposite of the key. For example, CTRL + Numpad 1 it will go to the back view.

Camera Orthoghraphic

You can also render in orthographic. To do this, add a camera. In the properties window, you’ll see an icon that looks like a video camera. Click it and you’ll see buttons that say Perspective, Orthographic, and Panorama. Press Orthographic. Now you can render in orthographic mode.

A good use for orthographic view is rendering textures from models that have the textures directly built in with vertices such as LDraw bricks. Position your camera directly in front of the model. A good way of doing this is to press Numpad 1 then Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 0 to put the camera at your view. If your camera is too far zoomed in or out, try adjusting the Orthographic slider in the camera settings. Set all the Material colors in the model to shadeless and render!

Hope you enjoyed this quick lesson on Orthographic views!



NOTE: LEGO Minifigure Torsos used in this model are property of LDraw.


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