How to Bake Textures and Materials

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to bake textures as materials. There are many things you could use Texture baking for, such as putting all the materials and textures into one image for use in a game engine.

Let’s get started:

  • First, as always, you need a model with materials and (optional) textures.
  • UV un-wrap parts of the model that may not already be un-wrapped. Do not make them too small in the UV map because if you do, they will bleed into each other and be pixelated. If you already have a UV map set up for a part of the model, and there is no more room for the other UV parts, scale parts of the UV down and re-arrange.

01The photo above shows materials, and how your model should come out rendered.

  • When you have your UV map finished, create a New Texture. (In the UV/Image Editor UV Editor Window window, if you have no photo open, you should see a button that says “+    New“. Click it to create a new image.)


  • Once you have the image created, go down to the Properties Window properties windowunder “Render Settings” render settings , find the header where it says “Bake“. (Note: If you are using Cycles Render, you will have to switch to Blender Internal, because Cycles does not support baking as of yet).
  • In the Bake section, change the Bake Type to Textures.
  • With the UV Editor window still open, and your new image still loaded, press Bake.


  • Once it is finished, you will see a picture that includes your material colors and the textures applied to your model.
  • In the UV Editor window, you will need to save your photo. You can do this by going to Image>Save a copy.


  • Choose a location to save your image.
  • Go to your model, delete all of the materials, and create a new one. In that material, go to the Textures Tab textures tab , browse for the texture, and map it to your UV.

05 06

  • You can also apply the new texture in Cycles Render if you want. Just because baking is only available in Blender Internal doesn’t mean you can’t use the baked textures in Cycles! 😀

Happy Baking and Blending!



4 thoughts on “How to Bake Textures and Materials

  1. Hey Rio, I was wondering if there was a way to get this texture baked and in unity so it looked almost exactly as it does in the render?

    Thanks. 🙂

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