Transparent Shadows in Blender Internal

This tutorial will explain how to render an image (in Blender Render) with a transparent background and no floor. That’s easy, all you do is set your Alpha Mode (in the Render Properties render settings panel) to Transparent and change the PNG type to RGBA.

alpha mode

Sometimes, we need to go a step further and render a shadow under our model too. This is called rendering “Transparent Shadows”. All you need to do is Add>Mesh>Plane (for a floor for the shadow to fall on) and position it under your model.

add mesh plane

Then, go the Materials Property panel materials panel and add a New Material. Scroll all the way to the bottom under the Shadows header. There will be a check box that says “Shadows Only”. Check it, and a dropdown menu will appear. Make sure it says “Shadows and Distance“.

shadows only

Now if you render, you will see a shadow cast on your plane (which is invisible).

trans shadows

And that’s all there is to it! Be sure to come back next time for a tutorial on how to render transparent shadows in Cycles using my own special Node Setup! 😀



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