How to Relocate Missing Textures in Cycles

Hey guys! This tutorial is about how to relocate missing textures in Blender Cycles.

Sometimes, if you download a model, or arrange a folder on your computer, or move your .blend file somewhere else, the textures will go missing. When they go missing, they will usually turn into a purple color indicating that your texture is missing. This may happen either in the viewport or the render itself.

missing textures

To relocate the textures (remember, we are using the Cycles Render Engine!), first switch your layout to the composting layout in Blender.

Compositing Layout

Next, you’ll see the Node Editor. Directly under that is a small bar. In that bar, make sure your compositing window is set to materials (see image):

Materials Selection

One there, select the model in the 3D View that the texture is missing on. In the Properties window, you’ll see the list of materials. Sometimes, models have more than one material. Select the one with the missing textures.

Materials Browser

In the Node Editor, select the Image Texture Node. There may be more than one, so you may have to relocate many textures.

Image texture node

Press the Open Button on the node. The file browser will come up and you will select the missing texture. Note that the name of the texture is shown at the top in the file name box in the File Browser, so you know what you are looking for.

Browse Window

That’s it! Enjoy relocating textures!



P.S. In my last tutorial, I said I would be doing Transparent Shadows in Cycles next. I am working on writing that, and plan to have it out soon. 🙂


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