Rendered Smoothie

I am an intermediate user in Blender and write tutorial about things. Some of these tutorials are for beginners, but others are for things that I wanted a tutorial for, but had to figure it out myself. Enjoy!
  • thumb

    Fake Bevels Using Normal Maps (Blender Cycles)

    0 standard
  • With Bump Maps

    How to Bump Map a Picture (The Quick and Easy Way!)

    0 standard
  • Carrot Render

    Build a Better Shadow Pass – Blender Cycles (Transparent Shadows)

    7 standard
  • Materials Browser

    How to Relocate Missing Textures in Cycles

    0 standard
  • trans shadows

    Transparent Shadows in Blender Internal

    1 standard
  • brick0001

    LEGO Materials in Blender Cycles

    0 standard
  • keyframe 1

    Keyframe Texture Change in Blender Internal

    8 standard
  • Overview

    Quick Tip: Using Blender on a Laptop

    2 standard
  • lightness

    Baking Ambient Occlusion

    15 standard
  • 01

    How to Bake Textures and Materials

    4 standard